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The Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur is a Regional mutual bank, well established in the economic fabric and proud of its roots emphasising proximity, relationships and solidarity. It has a staff of 1,200 and 83,000 members, and has more than 200,000 private, professional and business customers.

Our network of 115 branches, spread among the departments of Alpes Maritimes and the Var as well as in the Principality of Monaco, offers our customers functional, practical and accessible places where they can receive advice and keep an eye on current operations.

The specialist departments in business, asset management, nautical leasing and property financing offer their expertise to our customers, offering original and tailored solutions.

On all the French Riviera, "International Branch BPCA" provides for foreigners and non residents a full range of dedicated services in our international branches.

A bank that helps create businesses, the Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur is also committed to sustainable development, cooperating with support structures, such as Var Initiatives or the ADIE (Association pour le Développement de l’Initiative Economique – Association for the Development of Economic Initiatives) and Secours Catholique (a religious charity) to provide help for the disadvantaged.

As a responsible and socially aware business, the Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur’s head office has an ecological air conditioning system and an efficient waste recycling system. The integration of disabled people into the company is a main priority.

Lastly, Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur’s partnership with the cultural, social, economic and sports world demonstrates its continued involvement in all areas of the economy on the Côte d’Azur.

Solidarity, boldness, performance and the human touch, these are the values that the Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur wants to share with its customers and members.

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Telephone : +33 (0).493.215.690
Telecopy : +33 (0).493.215.761
Address: 457 Promenade des Anglais - 06200 Nice (France)
To be aware of our latest news, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @bpca !
To be aware of our latest news, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @bpca !
To be aware of our latest news, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @bpca !